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Jet Ski FAQ’s

Which unit would be best for my PWC?

We offer two different styles of dolly. The Tiger Tote and Ski Buggy are what are called a “float on” dolly. These work best in calm water situations because the dolly must be partially under water in order to float or pull the PWC on to it. They work very well where there is a lift, davits or a hoist being used. They allow for easy transport from a dock or seawall to a more secure location. The Bigfoot dollies utilize a winch that simplifies launching and loading in any condition and any surface. When the winch is engaged it pulls the Bigfoot back under the PWC while the watercraft moves up on to the dolly at the same time. This can be done with little to no water under the PWC as the winch does all the work.

Do I need two or four or 6 wheels?

As a general rule the Tiger Tote will handle up to about 500 lbs. The Ski Buggy can go up to 900 lbs. On the other hand our Bigfoot 2 wheel will accommodate up to 700 lbs. The 4 wheel Bigfoot will handle an impressive 1000 lbs. The Bigfoot 6 wheel will support up to 1500 lb. The 6 wheel is suggested when the PWC overall length exceeds 10.5′ long, as some of the new PWC do. Check your owners manual to determine the dry weight of the PWC and then add a little more for gas and gear. Also keep in mind what type of surface you are moving over. Two wheels might be less money but your back will thank you for choosing the dolly which is best suited to your situation.

What is the difference between the standard support bunks and the new exclusive roller rails?

Our standard support rails are 2″ square military grade aluminium tube that has been designed with a 30 degree down angle at the rear of the rail. The bunk is the covered with a super slick yet durable UHMW. This combination makes loading the PWC very easy. However in response to customer request we have designed a better way to easy up your jet ski. Again the rear of the bunks are angled which makes it easier to get the boat started up and onto the dolly. Then the 3″ poly rollers take over to make it the easiest and smoothest transition of any beach dolly on the market. There is absolutely no way to scratch or damage the hull.

What are the heavy duty bushings?

Our wheels have replaceable knockout bushings. The standard bushing is of a glass filled nylon that works well, but will need replacement when used frequently. In order to have a more durable option we have worked with a leading plastics supplier to develop a composite bushing that works as a direct replacement. They have a lubricating property that will not expire for the life of the bushing. They simply last much longer.Especially recommended when towing the PWC or if used in commercial applications.

Can I tow it behind a car?

Yes, but with one important note, only at walking speed! These are not made for “over the road” towing. The rims are a nylon composite using a 1” shaft. Excess speed causes heat to build up and can cause wheel bushing failure. We offer a coupler kit which can be hooked to a quad, ATV, garden tractor, golf cart or other vehicle which allows movement at no greater than 5 mph. If you are going to tow the Bigfoot we also recommend the heavy duty bearings.

How easy is it to use?

Good question. The dollies are all made to perform under the weight and conditions described. There are however certain factors that may or may not help the individual situation. Can one person expect to move a 900 lb. PWC in soft sand alone? No. And any other manufacturer that tells you that you can is not being truthful. Now that might cost us a sale here and there but we are interested only in making the customer happy. That being said it is important to understand that certain realities may dictate a different strategy. Weight, surface, grade, distance to move, and available manpower will all affect how easy it will be to move the watercraft and whether or not a dolly purchase is right for you. We have been presented with many unique situations over the years so don’t be afraid to describe your application. We may be able to make a suggestion on how to make it easier.