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Catamaran FAQ’s

Which tire should I use?
We suggest that the poly-wheel used on the Tiger Trax be used when there is a firmer surface involved. If any other conditions are present then we fully recommend the 21” balloon tire that is used on the CatTrax. It is a 2 ply tire which gives it flexibility and strength.

Do I need hull cradles?
First we would suggest you contact the mfg. of your boat to see what their recommend is. If they say yes then that’s your answer. Our opinion is if you don’t need them then you don’t need them. That is to say that we have always found it easier to load the cat on the dolly without the cradles. Just pull back on the securing lines and walk the dolly under the boat. Now that might cost us some cradle sales but it’s our opinion that it is easier without them.

I have an old set that has uses a needle valve. Can I replace them?
Yes. That is the “old” style that has been replaced. We now use an aluminum rim with a Schrader type tire stem. You would need the newer tire and rim assembly but would require no other parts.

Florida Sailcraft – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
We manufacture and carry Beach Carts, Beach Wheels, Dollies, Jet Ski Beach Trailers, Balloon Tires for Sand, Big Foot Trailers, Cat Trax Catamaran Beach Wheels that fit Wave Runner by Yamaha, Sea-Doo by Bombardier, Jet Ski by Kawasaki, any personal watercraft, Hobie Cat, Nacra, any beach cat. Also carry tires and wheels that will fit to existing Wheeleez, Aquacart, KG Ind. beach dollies.

Florida Sailcraft was formed in 1982 with the purpose of developing a simple, effective solution to move beach catamarans over unimproved surfaces i.e. soft sand. First developed was a dolly with hard plastic wheel called the TigerTrax. We then later introduced a model which featured a 21” diameter balloon tire which rolled easily over any surface. We named it, simply, the CatTrax. Virtually maintenance free, lightweight, and incredibly durable it quickly became the standard beach dolly for shoreline launching and loading and it continues as such today. They are without question the most popular beach dolly on the market and favorite of beach cat sailors everywhere. We can attest to the fact that some of those over 20 year old original beach wheels are still being used today. We are the only company to offer 3 different models to address individual applications.

In 1994 we began to tackle the same issues specifically for the jet-ski market. The Bigfoot PWC tote was introduced and once again became the standard to which all others have been compared. With its huge balloon tires, lightweight aluminum construction, and quick assembly it opens access to places where no boat ramp exists. Again we are the only company to offer a range of products designed to suit the need of the individual.

At the heart of our product line is a 21” diameter x 12” wide balloon tire also known as sand tire, beach wheel, or fat tire. It is used on our catamaran, small boat, and jet-ski dollies. It is a 2 ply design which allows it to flex depending on weight or tire pressure. The ability to adjust shape is what allows it to move easily over any surface.

You will find our products throughout the world. Our customer base ranges wide, including lifeguard services, search and rescue, military, rental concessions, cruise lines, resorts, etc. That our products find their way into such commercial usage is the true testament of their durability.

We continue to review and refine our performance capabilities as conditions demand. All of our products have been designed and tested to function in the worst environment of salt, sand, and sun. As such you will find our carts and dollies to be of superior construction. All our manufacturing is done here in South Florida, which is to mean they are made in America.